Should You Spend Money on a Digital Marketer for Seattle SEO?

May 08

Most small business owners is Seattle know that they cannot live without SEO – it is the only way they will ever get seen online. That said, not all of them are willing to hire a Seattle SEO company to get it done. It is understandable – these businesses have small budgets and forking out a few thousand dollars to pay for SEO may not seem very realistic. Many business owners feel that it is something that they can do themselves. So is it better to struggle with your budget and hire an SEO expert or should you attempt it yourself? Let us see the reasons why hiring an expert is such a good idea.

• They know more about keywords than you do. Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO. They are the ones that users will search in order to find your website. Just how much do you know about keywords? Some will argue that instead of hiring Seattle SEO experts for their keyword skills they can do keyword research themselves by using tools such as the ones provided by Google. This is all well and good but things are never that straight forward. There is a lot more to keyword research than meets the eye and it takes a professional to get the right combination that can get your website ranked.

• How much of a copywriter are you? There is a special kind of writing that is required for the internet. You may be the best kind of writer there is but that does not make you a good copy writer. Good copy writers know how to write so that when users read they are compelled to do something. It takes training and practice to become a good copywriter. Fortunately, Seattle search engine optimization companies have experts who can produce the kind of content that will help your website attract the right leads.

• Are you well versed with Google Analytics? This is a very important tool for SEO. It is the one that tells you how many visitors are coming to your website, how long they are staying, how long they are looking at each page and even where they are from. This all sounds very straight forward but what do you then do with the information that you get? Most small business owners are too busy to do anything but if you hire a Seattle SEO service then they will be able to use the information that they get from Google Analytics to improve your website.

• Social media is one of the most important areas of SEO. If you don’t have time to do social media on a daily basis then you are not getting the job done. Unfortunately, this is the situation for almost all small business owners – the rest of the business needs them and they just don’t have time for Facebook, Twitter and others. Fortunately, they can hire an expert whose job it is to make sure that social media accounts are updated at all times.

Let’s face it – if you own a small business and still think that you don’t need the services of Seattle SEO companies you may find yourself struggling quite a bit when it comes to credible leads. If you think you can do it yourself you may end up neglecting the rest of your business. Hire Brandow Digital for all your SEO needs in the Northwest area.