Seattle Search Engine Optimization vs. Yellow Pages and Paper Advertising

Mar 11

Why You Should Turn to Search Engine Optimization Over Paper Advertising 

While many people have understood that Seattle SEO is critical for online business success, there are still many out there who continue to use the Yellow Pages and paper advertising because they believe that it worked in the past and will work now. It is easy to understand why they hang onto this notion change is hard. That said, it is high time they changed. Rejecting SEO is tantamount to throwing business through the window it is allowing your business not to be seen by potentially millions of customers. To help you understand why, we have drawn up statistics on Yellow Pages and paper advertising and compared them to statistics on SEO.

Yellow Pages and Paper Ads

In the past, the Yellow Pages was the place to go if you wanted to find a business. All of them were listed there they took out the amount of space they could afford and in that space they crammed in as much information as they could about themselves. Paper ads have also always been with us. They are expensive affairs that have very limited exposure. Consider the following:

70% of people everywhere dont use the Yellow Pages. Some young people dont even have any idea what it is.

Of those who do, 50% or more can go for 6 months without looking for a contact in the Yellow Pages.

For online Yellow Pages, only half of people aged 55 and above use them.

The Yellow Pages company itself has admitted than more than 50% of its revenue comes from digital advertising and not their printed telephone books.

How About SEO Statistics?

More than 90% of people over 14 years of age use the internet to find information and businesses.

About 80% of online users say that they dont click on ads online instead, they look for organic search results, the kind that are generated through SEO.

When it comes to paper ads, you can only convert about 2%. With SEO the average rate of conversion is about 15%.

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As you can see, Seattle SEO companies are now more relevant than ever. Consumers are no longer looking at ads or in the Yellow pages for information. They are looking online. The problem is that having a website is not enough. You have to find a way to stand out. The only way to do that today is using search engine optimization.

If you are still using the Yellow Pages and spending thousands of dollars on print ads you are wasting both time and money and you are losing valuable leads every minute. You should instead direct that budget towards an SEO campaign. Hire a Seattle SEO company that can get it started for you. They have the necessary expertise to ensure that your website is visible and that you are outranking your competitors. So long as users can see you they will buy from you. An SEO company will help you not only generate leads but also build your brand. When your website can be found on the first page of search results it becomes memorable. You also buy trust from users they know that so long as you are ranking well you can be trusted to give them the right information and reliable products.

The Yellow Pages is outdated so are print ads. Hire an expert Seattle SEO company like us to help your business be seen.