Four Tips to Improve SEO On Your Website

Feb 24
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With Seattle’s population and popularity increasing, so does the need of your exposure. Your online presence needs to be stellar in order to compete. Word of mouth is great, but imagine the millions of people at your fingertips online. A proper website design in Seattle is an absolute must.

Increasing your website’s online presence is no small task, but very achievable and lucrative. With time and patience you can increase your visibility and your conversions. One of the first steps is to take a look at the design of your website. Here are a few tips to help get your website on track. These tips are also good for those who are new to the online world and just getting started.

Learn How to Code…A little

A properly coded website will help you to avoid simple, novice mistakes and pitfalls. It’s imperative that when people choose your website, it works. The first time. They can’t make a purchase if the checkout button isn't working. They can’t request information if the link is broken. Furthermore, search engine robots (spiders) need to be able to read your site properly in order to report back to major search engines. If they can’t read your site, they’ll read another.

Think Like an Artist

What is it about a painting? It doesn't show movies, it doesn't play music and yet people buy them. It’s the choice of colors and their placement. Maybe a feeling it invokes. Whatever it is, a well-designed painting can suck you in. Your website should be designed in the same manner. The colors, the layout and the typography must all work together. Not all fonts can be read by all, and randomly placed content is ugly.

Target Markets…Not the Store

If you’re going to write a mystery novel, you should read mystery novels. This will allow you to see how they’re worded and why certain books were more successful than others. This information is crucial to your target market. This website must communicate the value of your products, services or brand, to that target market. What are their behaviors? Doing a little bit of research will give you a good sense of the playing field and the means to increase your visibility to the people who need to see you most.

PSY 101…Registration not Required

Why are cookie stands near the entrances and exits of malls? Why give out free samples in the lunch court? How will your site affect the decision making process of the people who visit it? Can you condition them into a conversion? The answer is yes. Well placed pictures, even the music that you play can affect a person’s decision. Take the time to see what those nuances can be for your site.

Your probably looking at these tips and saying, “I don’t have time for all of that!” I did say that it would take some time and patience. You might also be saying, “I can’t afford to not put the time in.” Your correct, Seattle is on the rise and you need to be as well. For all of those businesses that need help with their SEO website design in Seattle, call us at Brandow Digital. We understand how the internet works and how to make it work for you. We will work twice as hard for your business because ours is on the line to. Give us a call, we’re local.