The Many Ways That Your Business Can Benefit From Seattle SEO

May 08

How have you been advertising your business in the recent past? Although many of us have moved things online, there are still some that are stuck advertising their businesses in newspapers, in the Yellow Pages and even in magazines. We know this because every time you open these publications you will see that small businesses have paid for adverts. If this has been your strategy you should know that you are throwing away your money. In fact, with that money you can get yourself many more customers through SEO. Here are some of the benefits you will get when you hire Seattle SEO services:

• The top benefit, of course, is that you will get a larger number of leads. No one looks in the Yellow Pages or in newspapers when they want information. They go online. In fact, studies have shown that a large number of seniors have taken to the internet. If you cannot even get the attention of the elderly then you are in a bad predicament. If you took your money and spent it on a website and also paying a good Seattle SEO company to get you ranked you would see much better results.

• You can track SEO results which means that you can track your return on investment (ROI). When you put an ad in a paper you are spending money but you have no idea how much money you will make. With SEO, all parts of the strategy can be tracked and you can even see things like who is visiting your site, where they are, how long they are staying and so on. This ability to track everything means that strategy can be adjusted accordingly at all times.

• SEO is much cheaper than taking out ads and the results are much better. It may sound like you are spending a lot of money in the beginning when you have to pay for a website but in the long run, your online presence will cost you very little and sometimes nothing. At the same time, your investment in SEO will mean that you are well ranked and getting a lot of leads, leads which you can convert into sales.

• You get brand awareness for a fraction of the cost. Your brand is very important – it is what tells the outside world who you are and what you are selling. If you try and pursue a brand strategy in newspapers and magazines you will have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars before you can achieve your goal. With the internet, however, all you need to do is contact a Seattle SEO company to get brand awareness. They will charge you a fraction of what you would have paid out to publications but your brand will continue to grow.

• Yellow Pages and news publications have themselves gone online. In fact, the Yellow Pages may stop being produced every year because they now have a website that receives many visitors every day. If these publications are themselves understanding the value of having a website and SEO, why aren’t you? It is time you got yourself a budget for SEO Seattle services so that you can get these things done.

There is no way you can expect your business to grow and thrive without using a Seattle SEO company like Brandow Digital. Go ahead and call us and lets get started right away.