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Matthew works wonders with his extensive in-depth knowledge of SEO. He ranked my company number one on Google for numerous keywords and customers have been calling me more and more everyday for medical prototyping. He continues to prove himself over and over again. If you haven't called him yet, what are you waiting for?

Rick Globensky, CEO
Electronic Prescription Medicine


At Brandow Digital, we are tackling all of your SEO needs, whether that be in Seattle, Bellevue or wherever in Washington or even nationally. We examine your existing marketing plan, find the problem areas, and put a stop to that pesky leaky revenue problem. You've spent an abundance of hours on the telephone, exchanged numerous emails with website designers, and spent thousands of dollars getting your site off of the ground. Now, it is time to put your plan into action, and let the customers come flowing in, right? Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

It is not always as simple as building a website and then letting consumers find you. You must take the initiative, to put your company's name out there so that it can be found. Essentially, you have just spent thousands of dollars, so that you may now seek a customer base. That is alright though, because now, you are ready to show them that you mean business.

This is the part where search engine optimization (SEO) becomes a key factor in both the availability of your business to the public, as well as the success. Search engines have worked for years on this brand of finding and relaying desired information to its users.

For instance: If your company deals in deflated footballs, then you obviously want to target consumers who are looking to buy deflated footballs. Now, how would you go about this? Well, when a user goes to the search engines homepage, (i.e Google, Bing, Yahoo) they will type into the search-bar, the product in which they desire. This may bring up hundreds, even thousands of webpages related to this specific search criteria. The idea is, by using these keywords, you will climb the metaphorical ladder, to the top of first page of websites. The said search engine, will take into consideration, hundreds of important factors such as speed, reputation, age, and social signals to determine which page will be in what position on the list.

When you decide to make Brandow Digital a member of your growing business team, our representatives will break this process down to you step-by-step, as many times as you desire, until you feel as though you fully understand the plan. With you, we will then develop a custom plan that is fitting to your needs and continue to go over the plan with you as it inevitability changes, along with the growth of your business. Our staff is second to none in the industry and will take every measure to ensure that each and every one of your needs are being met in a manner that is to your satisfaction.

Search Engine Optimization can significantly impact the rate at which your business will grow. It can drive a world of new customers directly to you and present opportunities that you may have never conceived to be reachable. The truth is, they are reachable. However, while this will most certainly bring in waves of consumers, it will not sell your product for you. That part is up to you, or any business professional that you may consult.

The always first-and-foremost important objective at Brandow Digital, is to increase the amount of traffic that is directed to your webpage and ensure that you, as our client stay happy and satisfied with our services. The demand for SEO is ever-growing and we are more than ready to take on the needs of all of our wonderful citizens. After-all, without exceptional clients such as you, we could not be successful ourselves. We look forward to working with you in the very near future. Until then, godspeed, and good luck in this new and fascinating endeavor!

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, (SEO) it sounds confusing right? Well, it can be at times. However, it doesn’t have to be, and once you read this article you will have a full grasp on what search engine optimization really is.

Think of a search engine, (Google, Bing, Yahoo) as a card catalog in the local library. Upon entry of the library, you may know exactly what you are looking for, or you may just know the subject of knowledge that you are seeking. Let’s say you are looking for a specific author. You would open the card catalog, to the first letter of the authors last name, and then, alphabetically, you would finger through the cards until you found said author.

That is what a search engine does for your specified search. Using select “keywords” that you have entered, the search engine will narrow down the vast world of webpages, to give you a list of pages that are directly related to what you are searching for.

The process in which it uses to narrow this list down is really quite simple. For an average query, there are hundreds of thousands, of webpages, all with potentially helpful information. Algorithms are the processes and formulas that search engines use to take your searches and provide information as well as answers. There are more than 200 specialized signals (clues) that allow the search engine to know what you are looking for. These “clues” can include factors such as: The terms of the website, your region in relation to the publisher or webmaster’s region, how often fresh content is posted to the webpage, and the position at which a page is ranked.

For example: If your search is for the ‘best dentist in Seattle’, then the search engine will scan the web for pages with articles in which the keyword(s) appears. They can appear within the title, the body of the article, or they can appear in the domain of the webpage itself. (The URL.) This is likely how you found your family dentist! Which only goes to show, that search engine optimization really does work!

The technology and processes that surround search engine optimization are ever-changing. However, the basics will always remain. We hope that now you have a fine understanding of what search engine optimization is and furthermore, if you have any questions we are always available to answer them for you.


How Much Should You Spend on SEO?

The answer is not that simple, you have to look at the cost of internet marketing and whether or not you can get a good ROI.

By doing the proper keyword research and taking an estimate of the amount of monthly search volume X the average lifetime value of a customer you can determine what you should be spending on SEO.

For example if your customer value is $1,000 and you are spending $3,000/mo on SEO but getting 10 new customers a month then it makes sense. Being able to make these calculations is very important and is something that any reputable SEO consultant should help with.

Besides the ROI you should want to be involved in your own business growth and aim to understand what changes need to be made on your end to make each campaign a success.

Besides search, you need to take a good look at your current digital presence to the determine the value and where you stand. Example: Say you have a business in the service industry and people search your business name and when they find it they see a negative review. While it might be difficult for you to place a dollar amount on getting that negative review pushed down, there is no doubt it has a negative impact on your business and potential earnings.

What SEO Will Do

SEO CAN increase exposure; it can drive leads and get your business in front of thousands of potential customers who are already looking to buy your product or services. It can give you brand awareness and make sure that what people find when they search for you is what you want and not some negative rant from that one unhappy customer.

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool that when used effectively can skyrocket your business. This can be the difference between closing your doors or expanding.

What SEO Will Not Do

What SEO will NOT do is fix a broken customer service experience or turn a mediocre product into a great one or even turn a broken website into a sales machine or fix broken operational process.

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